Little People

The pettiness of people is


Those who feel better

when others fail.

Feeling contempt

and envy when others succeed.

Reflecting ugliness

behind their backs.
Makes them feel better,


People sniping

at those after leaving the room.
Talking ugly

of those behind their backs,

those who cannot

The world is rife

with such little people.
Those who manipulate

with words and deeds,

to bruise the gentleness

of others kindness.

Seeing ulterior

where none can
be found.

Those who stomp

on the

of others if their sin

is wearing it on their sleeves.
The gotcha society

so reflected

in today’s headlines and the internet.
The world is crawling

with little people

looking to push

all those who cannot


the shark infested
waters of our world.
Take a look in the mirror…

not a giant to be found.

We are all little people,

not a Saint in the bunch.
Much work we all need do.

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