Revolution Evolution New World Order

Global revolution

is in the air.

Not militarily,

but technologically.
It will be no less


to world order,

in fact

it will be many

magnitudes more.

Technology tsunamis

will churn

across the globe

and back again,
washing away

the old world


What’s left

in its stead

will be radically


Societies will be rearranged,


and in many instances

totally washed

out of existence.

We will communicate


seemingly telepathically

all connected

thru the web.

The global brain


up with artificial intelligence

when it arrives

on the scene.

Countries will melt away

as those distinctions

lose there meaning.


will then be so rapid

as to be a blur.

We’ll explore

the cosmos

but inhabit virtual space


the two in ways



A Brave New World indeed.

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