The Gift.

The meaning of life?
This question

has been asked

for millennia.
Some say

there is

no meaning,

life is just a



Others say God


life into man

for a greater purpose,

intimately meaningful.
For some,

born in sickness

or poverty

life can be

a miserable go.

For others,

life can be a


fulfilling experience.
Did God

choose which was which?

Did God


condemn some poor souls

to ultimate misery,

while granting others bliss?
Would we


deal with our

own children

in such a way?
To me, at least,

this seems


from a loving God.

So why is this so?

Is it just the luck

of the draw

from an uncaring expanse,

the machine

we call the universe?
Are we all just tossed

into the mix

to hope for the best,

make do with the

cards dealt?
Base on


this seems closer

to the mark,

who can say for sure?

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