A World

like no other.

Tiny blue speck

in a void

unfathomably large.
Self aware beings

truly not aware of much.
Self impressed

with no reason to be.

with sex and violence

driving forces of existence.

Compression point coming.
Evolution of thought

and reality

speeding forward

like never before,

moving at such speed

it could easily fly

off the rails.
How to manage

the transition is the quest.


driving forces

must prevail,

the old ones

will explode it all.

Hate and hormones

must be exchanged

for a global philosophy

of humanism,

that benefits all.

will be the key.

Will it be controlled

by the few or the many?

Will central masters


or will mass communication

win the day.

Will it be a global dictatorship

or universal democracy?

Will Humanism


or will religious/ governmental

oligarchies subjugate?

The future is fluid.

Humanism must prevail,

or dystopia it will be.

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