In Front Of Our Eyes

It’s happening

right in front

of our eyes.


who live today

are right in the

middle of it.

Being swept up

in the wave breaking

on humanities shoreline.

The global brain

being born

all around us,

exponentially expanding,

most oblivious of its nature.


all over the globe,

every nook and cranny


exchanging ideas

like never before.

Country boarders

being swept away

in the torrent of

human interaction,

human communication.

The growth and scope

of this phenomenon

is in its infancy,

growing exponentially.

The global think

now in place,

instant knowledge,

all of what humanity


now instantly available

to everybody.


this is huge

and will change


Global communities

emerging and will continue,


becomes the norm,


on a global scale.

The “new world order”

just not as previously


Not run by

central masters

but diffuse globally,

impossible to control,


global think

now moves forward

into the future

unlike never before.

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