My Life

How I

choose to live

my life.
I’m wired

at birth,

my personality

in place.
I’m sculpted

as a youth

my environment

had its say.
The combination of both

molded me

as artists molds clay.
With all this

in place

where do I go

from here?
What direction

in life

will I choose?
How much choice

do I really have?
Has the deck

been stacked

before I’m

on my way?
Look all around,

all types

are in play.

The complexity

of society

in full on

Can I

will myself

away from the

mold that I am?

Am I


by the sculptor,

my part

in the play


I have little say?
I believe

if I focus

real hard,

I can fracture the mold

get out of its way.

I can over come,

move in a

different direction,


my own way.
Genetics and environmental

certainly had

their say.
I believe

I can power

thru an creat

a better day.
Is it possible, though,

I’m just wired this way?

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