The Underpinnings

of our civilization

is genetically controlled.
Our two dominate

instinctual drives,

self preservation

and procreation

are reflected in our

global structure.

Our preoccupation

with sex and violence,

reflected in our songs,

our books, our music,


Human genetic code

is woven

into the fabric

of society and cultures

like a fine tapestry.

Nothing done by us

has not been

written in code

reflected back to our eyes

reinforcing the script

laid out so long ago

A script forged

in the stars,

massaged by the software

of the universe.

The maestro,

wand held high

conducting it all with

ease and grace,

leading to a crescendo

of unknown time

and duration.

We all dance to the tune.

In this we have

little choice.

Each step taken

to a large extend scripted

with some self

expression allowed.

So dance away

and throw in

as many unique moves

as you can.

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