I went for a


at Monson Village.
A place in the woods

where people lived

in the 1700’s.
Rock foundations

were all that

was left

in each spot.

Small signs

marked the holes in the ground

and describes the


that lived there

so long ago.
Then I realized

something more

was left behind.

Near silence.

Breeze rustling

the leaves in the trees.


a bird could be heard

in the bushes,

the sound of the brook

I walked past.

This was

the world

of those who lived

three hundred

years ago.

The scene

and sounds


through my senses

and washed

over my mind,

flushing out

the madness of today.

It was stunningly


for the heart, mind and soul

of a twenty first century


No noise much at all,

no cars,

radios, tv, smart phones,

computers and internet updating,


vying for our attention

our mind and

our soul.

takes over our


crushing us under its weight

of distractions

taking away a


Mother Nature nurtured us with.
For us

to keep our sanity

I think,

we need to push back,

turn off

the machines

get back to the times

that once were,


if it’s just for a sort time

in the woods.

Let the sounds

and views

of a world gone by

caress you

and comfort you,

and leave the

technology at home!

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