The Brain

Our brains are fragile things, seventy percent which is water,
and It sloshes around in our skull. Sixty percent of the brain is made of fat.
There are one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels in our brain.
The brain consists of about one hundred billion neurons.
There are anywhere from one thousand to ten thousand synapses for each neuron.
The brain weighs three pounds. From all of this emanates our mind/sentience/us. No one knows how or why this happens. The brain takes photons, packets of energy and converts them into the universe. The brain fills in the blanks for missing information to give the mind an organized view. No one knows how this is done.
The brain can create all types of minds some genius some insane and everything in between. Our minds are fragile things. A crossed wire here a short circuit there in the brain can mess up our minds.
The brain is like a projector projecting the mind/sentience/us back into the space it observes. When the brain
evaporates so does the projection? No one knows, truly, what do we really know at all?

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