Corporeal Manifestation

We are the

visible manifestation

of a much

deeper design.
Like the tip

of an iceberg

most of what

we are

is out of

Science tells us

only four percent

of what

makes up the


is visible to us,

ninety six percent

is unseen

and unknown.
Science calls the

ninety six percent


dark matter

and dark energy.

They call it dark


they have no clue

what either is.
Like the tip

of a sharks fin

if viewed

by the unknowing

would give no hint

of what’s below.

Our lives,

rules and being

are ruled

by the tip

we see.


we think

we know

comes from the


four percent!

A deeper dive

would illuminate
ultimate reality,

and all that

we are

and know

would change.
It’s the blind

leading the blind

in the world

of the visible,


we can only see

a fraction

of the visible.

What then,

in fact,

do we really

know at all?
When the corporeal

turns to dust,

when the four percent

ceases to exist

the ninety six

simply ruminates

and corporeally

manifest itself

some time/place else.
This is all just

postulation you see,

unlike the word

of others who’ll

tell you how things

must certainly be.

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