When I

was a young man

I chased them

by the score.
They were fast,


and lean.

was my aim,


was the game.

I was playing

with biology’s rules.
I cared

very little

about much more.
They were young


and smooth

yet firm

all the same.
No wrinkles

could be found

on these young

My hormones

run amok,

logic and caring

little found.
Notches in the belt

was all that mattered.

As I grew older

my demeanor


became seasoned

with age.

The shallowness

of hormon

drenched youth

was replaced.

The women

slowed down

and wrinkles

could now be



I saw something

different now,

something I did not see before.

The eyes,

it was in the


that I knew.

Like me

getting old,


taking hold.


are all

on the same path


to an end.

The journey

was the same,

the fear

and the pain

all the same,

in fact

kindred spirits

were we.

The sexes no different

in this respect.

The beauty

that can now be found

in the eyes,

the smile

and the sound.

The beauty inside

is what my

maturity found,

I grew to appreciate

a woman,

for all the universe

is in her heart.

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