Evolution,Tool Of The Creator

The debate has been raging for centuries.
Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
Where are we going?
Is there a Creator?
We look around and see created things,
intricate, complicated, sophisticated things.
Creationism, evolution which one is true?
They both are actually.
We were created in a machine we call the universe.
It had the raw materials and the energy needed to produce
the universe we see, including us.
It had gravity, the laws of physics and mathematics, the software needed to organize both. Once the machine was turned on all the elements of creation were in place, it then evolved to now.
Evolution is the tool of the Creator.
The Universe evolved from three simple gases to stars to galaxies to the periodic table we see today.
Life evolved from single cell creatures to the human race.
Evolution is the tool of the Creator.

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