The Forgotten.


have been lived

by millions

of people

that have been


or worse

never known.


that walked our


looked at the same


the same moon

that we see


Lived lives,

had families,

lost loved ones,

held jobs.

Their existence


lost to the

sands of time.

Blown away

in the dust

of the winds

as if they were

never here.

Thousands of years ago

all over the world

little boys and little girls

ran and played


their sounds

forever lost

to the hills and vales

of their existence.
From the Yucatan in Mexico

to the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia,

ancient peoples were born,

lived and died.

We, oblivious

of them personally.


we are still


to them by our

hopes our fears,

by our love

and our humanity.

Think of them,

about them

from time to time,

and in a way,

bring them back

to the land

of the living,

at least for for awhile.

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