Science has

opened our eyes

on many fronts.
We have learned much,

but there is infinite

knowledge to go.
The Universe

is larger

than humans

can possibly know.
The Universe

as large as it is,

is dwarfed

in the Multiverse.
So much information

the Multiverse

has to show.
Our Universe

just one of an

infinite amount.
As humans struggle

in their mote

of existence,
it’s important

to keep this in mind.
We get caught up

in our little



this is all there is.
We are just specks

of dust

in the play

of reality.
With all this in mind,

humility of our


should help us grow,

and move toward

a better way.
The path we’d take

will differ

from the one

were taking today.


can show us

the way.

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