What Choice Do We Have?

Some say when we are born we are like fresh lumps of clay.
There is some structure but rough in design.
Plump with potential so many ways to go.
Much of what we are already mixed in the brew.
Hair will be brown, blond, or red; your parents had their say.
You will be tall or short; that is all been determined, Mother Nature held sway.
Your future yet to be determined, which path will you take?
How much of what you are already bake into the cake? Some will be passive others afraid, some will be aggressive some dangerously so. These predispositions played out by design.
As you move along the path so many lessons to learn.
Will you work hard or slide along the way? What decisions will you make what fork will you take? Each fork in the road leads down an unique path. Life’s full of decisions which way shall you go? Many futures lay ahead to be determined in some part by you.
Mother Nature had her say about what part you will play, much already determined by someone not you. What will you do with what free choice you have, confined in the structure you’ve been shackled to?
How much free choice do we actually have? Some squander riches, other overcome great hardships as they move on in life. In the end we do have some control but much has been predetermined by someone not you

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