What Are We?

What are we?

are just bags

of meat and water.
Then why

the consciousness?

is indeed a mystery.
Does consciousness

come from somewhere else

and just
inhabits our


Are our minds

simply a radio receiver

collecting the signal/consciousness

from some other

Where does it go

after the meat

and water fall apart.
Does it fade into

the ether

never to be see again,

or does it mov
on and inhabit

another reality?
Some will say they know

the answer

to that question,

but they really

do not.
For my two cents,

I think

our consciousness

came to our bodies

from another reality

and will move

on to another

when we die.

I feel that way


it offers me some



but I don’t think so.
No one

knows for sure,

but,I think

it is a possibility.

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