on a distant shore,

my minds eye

floats upon.
Swirling thought

upon swirling thought

do my reflections grow.
Infinite realms

offer fertile grounds

to burrow through.

of realities

the minds eye sees

one as real as them all.
Traveling through oceans

of ethereal thought,

swimming through the
infinite, the possibilities

the minds eye can see.
Rays of thought

pass thru

the the mind

as rays of light do too.
Reflections on the infinite

my minds eye wanders thru.

what I see,

nearly impossible to do.
Impressions of possibilities

that boil up,

reaching out.
Infinite possibilities

bringing closer,

I aim to do.
Back I light

on familiar ground

having made my recent voyage
Till next I float once again

through the clouds of infinitely.


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