Sun glistening off the tropical bay.
White cotton balls float by reflecting Suns rays.
Surf down below melodically soothing the way.
Vistas of ocean from the left to the right,
spotted with green jewels enhancing the sight.
Sea birds floating serenely they glide, making me wish I could
be by their side.
Gentle tropical breezes waft by surrounding and soothing the soul.
Tropical smoothies, frozen delights, smooth out and mellow the ethereal sights.
Sweet Acacia filling the senses with a sweet fragrant glow.
Sunshine, golden enthrall mellows its hues when meeting the ocean a
tropical show. Orange red pink explode in the sky. The sun slowly sliding away seemingly steaming on down.
First stars make themselves known, peaking on through till the whole sky blazes with a Milky Way hue.
Evening turns into night and things settle down when the surfs constant hum lulls us all off to dreams..

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