Some say less is really more, or is it more is really less.
I believe both to be true.
The future screams towards us faster every day.
The pace and complexity of life quickens.
Technology more pervasive.
The human psyche bombarded like never before.
Global news 24/7, the internet always up-dating.
None stop information flowing through our brains.
We now make more decisions in a day than those one hundreds years
ago made in a week or a month.
Competition in life and at work like never before.
How much more can we take? How much faster can we absorb before we seize up and break?
Balance is what we need, time to unplug and refresh.
Step away from the onslaught whenever you can, or the psych wards
and on drugs is where you’ll be found.
Meditate as if your sanity depends on it.
It just may.

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