Seasons In New England

From the lakes in New Hampshire to the sand dunes of Cape Cod.
From the mountains of Vermont to the seaports of Rhode Island.
From the rocky seacoast of Maine to the Gold Coast of Connecticut.
Winters of snow and ice, cold north winds blowing, freezing.
Snows blanket everything, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more.
Snowmen, snow angles, shovels in hand, traditions as old as the hills.
Cold blowing sea mist, ice storms, covering all in frozen brine and ice.
Christmas lights, Northern lights, gentle snow falls, raging blizzards.
Springtime beginning to warm, icicles dripping sun rising in the sky,
the white fades away.
Lakes melt, water returns blue as before.
Mountains morph from white to light green.
Robins arrive sparrows couple up make nests and brood on.
Geese fly over head honking their song.
Grasses turn green, bushes and trees bloom in all their glory. Flowers exploding everywhere. Ants start to scurry dragonflies in flight, life and movement quickens its pace.

Summertime warm breezes waft over the land sea breezes warm summer sands. Mountains warm, with sunny white clouds passing by.
Lake waters reflecting it all. Booming thunderstorms, impressive lightning shows roll from mountain to vale. Cities empty, inhabitants heading for their summer retreats. Seashore beaches bustle with activity escaping the heat. Swimming, fishing and kayaking to name just a few. Fun in the sun is what they all aim to do. Orchard flowers changing into fruit simply a treat.
The young of the animal world learning their lessons for what’s to come.

As summer grows old autumn takes control.
Warm breezes turn cool as the trees change hue.
Harvests and county fairs all over the place.
Squirrels scurry around collecting acorns that fell to the ground. Colors in the forests are blazing soon turning brown.
Frost on the pumpkins and everywhere else.
People in sweaters, fireplaces aglow and the apples are fat and red ready to go. Cool breezes turn cold then turn to strong winds whipping trees all around. The first hits of snow can be found on the ground.
Till once again winter comes around.


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