Outside The Box


What is truth?
We live

our lives

being told what

is true.
Truths in science


by the wayside when
new “truths”

are discovered.


how true

are they?

will tell you

their truths.
Problem is,

few agree.

So how


can they be?

will tell you

what is true

but can they be

Society will tell

its truths,

but should you

We are born

into a world

full of “truths”.
Truths laid down

by others,

many long dead.
Should we

simply acquiesce,

simply say yes

to whatever

we’re told?
The answer is


Open your minds

to all the

Do not let

others rubber stamp

your beliefs.
Many snake oil salesmen

will try to out fox.
Ask questions,

think hard,

don’t simply

Think outside the box.

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