Humans Must Be Crazy

Our race against extinction.
We all come from the same cradle.
Though we think ourselves mature.
Our childish and petty ways are truly obscene.
We are products of our environment, fine tuned
to fit the scene. Some are black with kinky hair
designed to mitigate the sun and dissipate heat.
Some are white with flat hair like a rug designed to accentuate
the sun and hold in the heat. One evolved in a hot sunny world
where too much sun and heat were harmful, so the body adapts to better succeed.
One comes from a cold, less sunny environment, so adapted to absorb more sun an retain the heat, both the body needs.
Both simply adaptations to succeed in where they live.
For years and years and still today these adaptations are held against
some, that’s truly insane. Indeed!
We now live in a world full of us in every possible nook.
One small orb in space that we humans habitate.
Much need and want around the world where people suffer and
die for lack of humanity. We spend billions each year on weaponry, money that could be better spent, to protect ourselves from ourselves. Insanity to the brink.
How have we managed to last this long is surly a mystery. Will we grow up in time before we are history?


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