How Much Is Up To Us?

Do we really have free will, or are we preprogrammed
to be who we are to be?
Being born a boy or a girl did we have any say?
Hormones in my body that motivate were not ordered by me.
Everything about me genetically controlled.
My height, my hair, my eyes, be I black, white, yellow, brown, or my personality, not requested,
we’re out of my control.
What part of me is really me?
What part of me do I actually control?
What does mean to be me?
Where I was born predetermined,
was I born German, Italian or English no choice did I have.
The culture I was born into Arab, Jewish determined my enemies.
How much was in my control?
My religion given to me.
True enough, we have some voice to modify but most of it given to us.
The story’s been written, all the players designed and preprogrammed.
The role I play on the grand stage of life has been determined by someone other than me.

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