How Can They Possibly Know?

How will it change

when we know?
How will civilization

be rearranged?
All that we know

comes from one

place and time,

one little speck

in spacetime.

Great religions

over eons

have arisen

telling all how things

must certainly be.


they are just specks

on a speck,

and knowledge

potentially infinite,

how much

can they possibly know.

Have faith

they say

and follow our lead,

but how much

can they possibly know?

They say,

we surely know

because God

has told us so.

What can you say?

How can you answer


If God


told them so.

The problem

you see is not all

religions agree,

seems god’s message

is different

from one to the next



can that possibly be?

For the infinite


to be had,

and our

brain power

to process so small,

there is no way

to know much at all.

Some day

and maybe soon

our technology

may come alive

or some others

come to say hi.

Then everything


but no one can really say


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