Some say the

Garden of Eden

was a myth,

that such a beautiful
place never existed.
The Universe is a cold


inhospitable place,

a place filled
with frozen gases,

balls of fire,

cosmic radiation

that can fry one alive,
dead planets,

frozen asteroids

and meteoroids.
Huge deadly volumes

of space

with no discernible purpose.

There is a place,

at least

one place

where things

came together.

of star formation

and destruction

seeding the

cosmos with the
periodic table

that, along with gravity

cobbled together

one speck
of blue.

A place that was warm,

had water,

breathable atmosphere

and a magnetic

force field

keeping deadly radiation

at bay.

A double planet system.


in the deadly darkness

of the void,

paradise was forged,
a blue pearl,

a Garden of Eden,

a place to call home.

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