Earth Centric

We delude ourselves,

always have,

still do.
Center of everything,

gods’ favorite,

we knew.

How immature!
We follow


begun thousands

of years ago.
Started by those

who knew

next to nothing of
where they lived.

Their place

in a universe

they did not

Our universe

unimaginably large

may be just

one bubble

in a multiverse

of infinite

time and size.

Always was

always will

be some say.
There are those

where we live

who’ll claim

they know

god’s mind,

have faith they’ll say.

on a speck

that know

it all.
They’d say,

following ancient


is where the

truth lies.

As if the ancients

There are those

amongst us

who claim to know

the way

and tell us

what to do.

Tell us to

bow down,

and how to


Power and control

is all they have,

a few

controlling the many

with all the

privileges that entails.
Most that we know

from a speck of dust

we have learned,

but there’s

so much more,
Infinitely more,

infinitely more to know!

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