Dream World

Where do we live?

Is this place even real?

How real is real?

We open our eyes and find ourselves here.

But, where is here?

We accept what we see, what else can we do?

We move through life doing what we do.

It all seems normal like it all should be.

What is normal, is it all that we know?

Some say we live in a hologram, a virtual world.

If so, is that really real? Are we just a program artificially smart?

If that is true, what can we actually do?

If virtual here could we be virtual anywhere else?

Moving from program to program by someone, somewhere else.

“Gods” in Valhalla in a unusual twist, may actually exist!

We could all be immortal in a different sort of way, but living in a dream,

created by who knows who, or who knows where?


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