Are we ready for what’s to come?
Will we know how to behave?
Never before in human history has there been such disruption. It was once a much simpler place. No more. The future is arriving faster than ever before.
Gia now has a neural net the brain is coming alive.
Things are changing at such a clip not like anything seen before. Things will never be the same.
Computers that once filled rooms are now held in the palm of our hands. Not too many years from now they’ll be cursing through our veins.
Nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer technology exploding at such a pace, soon enough, the internet will be connected to our face.
We’ll all be part of the global brain, have instant access to all the knowledge mankind has thus far obtained. Soon, artificial intelligence will join us where we live, things will never be the same. Machines will build machines smarter all the time. Where we go after all this may drive us out of our minds.
Some say we’ll build virtual worlds every bit as real, and designed them to meet our every need, absolutely ideal. No one knows for sure which way all this will go.
I suggest you batten down the hatches though, it’s going to be quite the show.

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