Perspective And The Journey

Our Universe

is unimaginably large.
Tendrils of galaxies

spreading out in every direction

as far as the eye

can see.

Hundreds of millions

in every direction.

Some estimates

suggest there could be

one trillion

galaxies in our universe.

Each galaxy contains

hundreds of million stars.
Many now believe

our universe is but one

in an ever-expanding


of limitless size and age.

We live our lives

on a mote of material

small beyond definition.
How do we square

this reality?


do we keep things in


What’s the point really?

We are just specks on a speck.


human civilization

is maybe 20,000 years old.

The industrial revolution

only two hundred years old,

we believed 100 years ago

our galaxy was the universe.

Our understanding of reality

has come far

yet it’s just a pinpoint

on an infinite

scale of knowledge.

The point I guess

is the journey,

keeping our existence

in perspective,

staying humble

and keep pushing

the envelope

of our knowledge.

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